2018: A Year for Adventure

2018: A Year for Adventure

I’ve made no secret to anyone in my life how much I love adventure. I love exploring, seeing new things, and getting to know new people and places. Beyond that, I love photographing all of it!

2017 was fraught with uncertainty and illness and being stuck inside for far too long. I did get some adventure in, don’t get me wrong. Scotland was amazing. Hiking new places and old places was amazing. Meeting new people and exploring with them was amazing.

But I’m ready for 2018.

My ever-growing list of PNW hikes is going see some serious action. My waterfall collection is going to grow. I’m going to go back to places I love to re-photograph them in new ways. I’m going to drag friends out for new adventures. I’m going to make new friends. I’m going to embrace new things. I’m going to travel overseas. I’m going to acquire new experiences. I’m going to live life.

So here’s to 201! Hope to see you out on the trails!


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